Saturday, November 5th, 2016

For People with Diabetes and their Families

Free to the Public!

Six county area to include:
Cass, Lafayette, Johnson, Benton,
Pettis, Saline, Jackson, Henry

Conference Purpose

Door Prices
•   To provide resources and education for those managing diabetes
•   To provide networking for those who are managing their diabetes or assisting others
•   To provide support and affirmation for those who are working toward better control of diabetes management

Free to the public, the West Central Missouri Diabetes Conference is for anyone who wants to learn about diabetes and how to prevent the problems it causes. This conference will provide free screenings, education and support from leading heath-care professionals.

Conference Topics

•  How to Keep your Arteries Soft and your Bones Hard
•  Avoiding Complications from Diabetes: Tools that work.
•  Obesity: Bariatric Surgery, the When, Why, and How
•  Kidney Disease: How can I avoid kidney failure

Facts About Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association approximately:
•   18 million Americans have diabetes
•   5 million do not know they have the disease
•   1 million new diabetes cases are diagnosed each year
•   200,000 Americans die every year from complications of diabetes
•   Complications can be reduced up to 65% by informed management

A person with diabetes can lead a long healthy life if they learn to manage their condition.

The Conference will also host an exhibit with free educational materials for participants to find out more about the latest products and services available for the management and prevention of diabetes.